Fabric & Care

Veltro Collection:

We sourced the richest and most luxurious stretch velvet on the market for the Veltro Collection. At the same time it is soft, drapey and unbelievably comfy with 2 way stretch. Save the re-usable shipping bag for storage and packing in your travel bag.

Care :

Machine Wash Cold water, line dry, no bleach. Tumble dry only if necessary to prolong the life of the garment. 

Useful Tip : 

Store folded in a plastic bag or inside out on a hanger to keep lint free. 

Leggings & Bodywear :

The fabric used for our leggings is a nice heavy weight and made with a fine premium nylon yarn designed to simulate the feel and look of cotton without the fading, shrinking and loss of shape associated with cotton. Combined with black spandex, it eliminates that shiny glow around your curves unlike the more common and less expensive white spandex. It also has built in wicking properties: it draws moisture away from the body and dries quickly. That means it is not a chemically applied “wicking finish” that disappears after a few washes. Nonstop leggings are always opaque and never see-thru

Care :

Leggings and Bodywear should be washed in a mesh laundry bag in cold water. The fabric dries quickly so always air dry, no need to put in the dryer; the heat from dryers is hard on spandex and will lessen the life of the garment. Woolite liquid soap for darks is recommended.

If your leggings are trimmed with leather always turn inside out and follow instructions above

Useful Tip :

When wearing your leggings with boots, make sure there are no rough areas inside the boots that may snag the delicate surface of the fabric. You can tape over the inside of boot or wear socks that protect your leggings. If you found that out the hard way then dedicate that pair for boots only.

Stretch Terry (Incudes Face Masks):   

Our 16 oz 100% cotton French Terry was specially created to have a vintage feel. 

All items are preshrunk and completely machine washable and dryable.

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